Website of poet Elizabeth Rimmer

Herbs, Habitat and Ways of Knowing

I have a passionate belief that authorised ways of understanding and recording knowledge have resulted in a silencing of groups outside the academic or political elites. Many people have not lost a connection with or a value for their environment, but can often assume that what they see, know and cherish is not important, and that what they say will not be heard or respected. Poetry is an art form which can transcend intellectual or social barriers, and communicate in ways that are effective as well as delightful.

I am developing a poetry workshop which will be available from December 2017. It will be a sensory and reflective experience, inspired by the herbs of the local area, traditional uses and associations participants may have with them and their home landscape. Participants will have the opportunity to heighten and record their awareness of the ecology and traditions of their area, but also to develop their own individual ways of expressing what they observe, understand and value about the place where they live.

Please use the contact page to get in touch if you would be interested in such an event.