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Artist of the Week: Susan Kruse

I’ve had my eye on this blog for a while, but it all went quiet over the summer. Now Susan is back with an inventive series of drawings – some of which involve the very creative defacing of books.
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5 responses to “Artist of the Week: Susan Kruse”

  1. Susan Kruse Avatar

    They are books that I rescued from a skip! 🙂
    The books are going to form part of a much larger project called The Library of Lost Books that will hopefully involve lots of artists from around the country altering, re-working, re-cycling books that would otherwise be discarded.
    Thank you for mentioning the project on your blog Elizabeth x

  2. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    They are very beautiful, Susan, especially the ones with poppies! i love them.

  3. dritanje Avatar

    Hallo Elizabeth I’ve just discovered your blog, I didn’t know you had one! I read your Glasgow poem and to my mind I think both the city and the train images go fine together, reads like a description of a journey to me, through the streets and then on the train – an amazing array of fascinating events scenes and images you’ve transposed them into.

  4. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Thanks, Morelle – that is indeed the way it happened, and it was fascinating, so many people behaving in ways you wouldn’t expect.

  5. iNd!@nA Avatar

    i followed the trail over….thanks for scattering the breadcrumbs

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