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I am tinkering once again with the Lúcháir website. I’m much busier now than I was last year, and so some pages are not being updated as much as they really should be. Also, I’m getting better at working out what a web-site can do well and what it can’t, and shifting my focus to more of the former and less that would be better done some other way.

I’m particularly disappointed in the gallery page. Doing what I originally intended ie showcasing the work of the artists crafters and photographers I love, is beyond me, so I’m having a total re-think. In the meantime however, I did find a lot of truly beautiful artists’ blogs that I’d like to share, and here’s the first.

The Floating Bridge of Dreams

Roxana Ghita illustrates some very exciting poetry with the most beautiful, moody and evocative photos I have ever seen. Marion Macready is using one of her pictures on the jacket of her forthcoming poetry collection, so that gives me two reasons to be impatient to see it!






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