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Can’t Keep it Quiet

I’m really busy just now:
choosing poems to read at No Sleep at Bristo, the Poetry Marathon organised by Kevin Cadwallender, which will take https://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifplace in the Forest Café over the 11th and 12th August. I’ll be reading at 11 o’clock on Friday morning.

deciding which of the many poetry events I’ll be at in Edinburgh on 16th August. There are at least five happening (you’d think there was a festival on or something), but all I know is that I’ll be starting at Courtyard Readings which is hosted by Anne Connolly.

updating the Burnedthumb web-site and getting ready to check the proofs of my book. It’s really all happening now, and Wherever We Live Now will be launched at Blackwells Bookshop in Edinburgh on September 13th. It should be a brilliant night, as books by Anne Connolly and Marion Montgomery are being launched at the same time. Pictures later, as soon as we are organised!






5 responses to “Can’t Keep it Quiet”

  1. Kat Mortensen Avatar

    Will I be able to order it, Elizabeth? I would certainly love to have a copy.

    Best of luck with the launch and all the poetry festival stuff.


  2. Hilaire Avatar

    How exciting! Every good wish – and I look forward to getting a copy of your book next month.

  3. Frances Avatar

    Hi Elizabeth, good luck with the reading.

  4. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Thank you everyone, for all the support and kind words. There will be a chance to buy via the Red Squirrel web-site, Kat, but I think I owe you a copy! If you let me have your new address I will send it to you.

  5. Susan Kruse Avatar

    Sounds like you are in the middle of a busy, exciting summer! The photos from your garden look great by the way.

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