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death of a bookshop

I was in Glasgow yesterday, and couldn’t resist going into Borders for the last time. I got two poetry books I’d wanted for ages for half price, and I guess Eavan Boland and Gillian Clarke will get the good of it no matter what the circumstances, but boy, it was sad.

The top floor was closed off altogether now so much stock has been sold, and all the rest is huddled onto shelves with temporary labels, and the gaps are appearing and closing up again as books go and are not replaced.

One of my children was working at the Sweater Shop when it went into administration, and although it wasn’t her career, just a student job, the experience was traumatic. As other shops closed down the leftovers were sent to hers, and people would rush in looking for bargains. Then the shelves would empty again and a few more staff would be let go. I got the same feeling yesterday. All the staff working their socks off, and knowing that every day brings you a little nearer the edge. God bless them, I hope they all find good jobs to got to, and soon.

But I also hope that whoever takes on the building will try to do something else significant with it. Borders was more than a bookshop. It was a bookshop that tried, as Waterstones used to, to present the range of what was available, to encourage diversity and experiment, to recognise that books were a bit more than a commodity, and reading was more than something to fill the time in airports. Not bad for a big corporate chain.






5 responses to “death of a bookshop”

  1. Floss Avatar

    Oh, I’ms so sorry to hear this (being in France, I only vaguely hear the UK news of this variety). I have worked in a school that was closing down, and I can relate to many of your daughter’s experiences.

  2. Elizabeth M Rimmer Avatar

    It will be a loss to many people in Glasgow, as it was a good place for readings, or to meet people without going into pubs. But I can’t help wondering about all the people losing jobs just before Christmas

  3. Nat Hall Avatar

    It is always sad to hear, read about, Elizabeth.


  4. Pomona Avatar

    Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x

  5. ArtPropelled Avatar

    It is so sad to hear of good bookshops closing down. One of my favourites closed its doors for the last time at the beginning of December, (not even waiting until the end of the christmas rush). It was a treasure trove of old Africana as well as new books. The large book chains squeezed the shop out of existence. I’m really going to miss it!

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