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deep and crisp and even

This was our garden on Tuesday. It’s not much different now, so I guess there will be no garlic planted yetawhile. There is much bird activity at the feeders, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds, bluetits and great tits – and pigeons, of course – and the cold weather is bringing in chaffinches, goldfinches and yellowhammers. There were five there this morning – I’ve never seen so many.

We have mostly stayed in the house and so finally the new look website www.luchair.co.uk is up. It’s a work in progress! There are headings for recipes, but no recipes, and I want to add blog lists to the resources pages, but they will come in time.

We did go for a walk between showers on Monday, and saw bullfinches on the hawthorns, and buzzards over the fields. We turned for home as the sky clouded over, and saw a deer cross the road, leap the fence and disappear into the trees.I wasn’t quick enough to photograph it, but I did get this:

The light was fading now, as cloud built up and the sun went down. The city looked wonderful in the snow.






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  1. Crafty Green Poet Avatar

    lovely selection of birds to see, specially the yellowhammers, not at all common these days

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