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Enough for Everyone

On Saturday we went to lobby our MP about the Enough Food If Campaign, run by a lot of charities in order to abolish economic and political practices which keep poor countries from being able to feed themselves. I got to it via one called Progressio which runs projects (including permaculture schemes for land reclamation) aimed at empowering communities in developing countries to become more resilient and end poverty, but Christian Aid and Sciaf are in it too.

The charities claim that we could end hunger and feed everyone on the planet

  • IF we use land for food not bio-fuel andend the land-grabs by large multi-national companies
  • IF richer countries paid the 0.7% of GDP we promised to help poor countries feed themselves
  • IF all multi-national companies paid the taxes due to the countries where they operate
  • IF all multi-nationals were totally transparent about their trading practices

As well as our MP, Anne McGuire, our MSP Bruce Crawford, and our local councillors were there, and I’m pleased to say they all spoke in favour of, and signed, our open letter to the Chancellor calling on him to honour our pledge about British aid. Anne McGuire pointed out that although we are in a time of austerity, and the Daily Express that very morning, was calling for cuts to fall on the aid budget, the people of Britain are actually very willing to help poorer countries (having raised a record total only the night before for Comic Relief). This was backed up by the speaker from the newest organisation present, who said that her group, Stirling Aid had started becasue they had found the people of Stilring to be so generous. Stirling Aid began in our local mosque, but it reached out to include all the local churches, who work together to raise funds for disaster relief. I’ve found it to be the case, too. We are very good at giving money.

But please, do give some time, too. Go to the campaign web-site. Sign up to get newsletters. Join the thunderclap. Let’s get some permanent changes made.






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