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Callander Poetry Weekend

I will be at the Callander Poetry Weekend, hosted by Sally Evans and Ian King of the Callander Bookshop (Main Strret, Callander). It will be a shortened version this year, but with all the features we have come to love.

7th September Friday evening in the Bookshop

opened by Ian King 8.30 pm
Books must be published this year 2018 or since October 201arrange7, and you must supply a copy for the event. The book will be displayed and you must talk for two minutes about it. You may Not read poems from it. Any book you have written, published or had any hand in will be eligible (but only once for each book.) The Mass Book Launch books will also be displayed in the Hall on Saturday.
9.30 pm 10.30 readings: Andy Allan, Maureen Weldon, John Bolland, Morelle Smith,
Ian Blake.& Liz Mills.

SATURDAY 8th September

In Kirk Hall

Catch up with the year of poetry at the Readings:
10.15 a.m.-11.15 Readings:
Kemal Houghton, Paul Beech, Mo Blake, Angela Topping, Elspeth Brown
11.15 – 11.30 short Coffee break
11.30 -12.40 Readings: (compere Charlie Gracie)
Fred Beake, Elizabeth Rimmer, Mike Penney, Colin Will, Josephine Scott, George Colkitto, Roderick Manson
12.40 – 1.20 lunch in the Hall
1.20 – 2.30 Readings (compere Judith Taylor)
Lesley Traynor, Rachel Stooke, Mandy Macdonald, Chrys Salt, Jon Plunkett, Deborah Tyler-Bennett.
2.30 – 4.30 pm. Readings: (compere George Colkitto)
Anne B. Murray, Derek Parkes, A. C. Clarke, Wullie Purcell, Rita Bradd, John Coutts, Eveline Pye, Helen McLaren, Ian Hunter, Diana Devlin, Pauline Prior-Pitt
(4.30 – 4.45 pm short tea/coffee break)
4.45 – 6.30 Readings: (compere Kemal Houghton) Edwin Stockdale, Pauline Plummer, Angela Topping, Charlie Gracie, Katy Konrad, Chris Powici, Helen Boden, David Costello, Irene Cunninghame, Sally and Ron Williams (Lancashire Dialect)
6.30 – 7.30 Supper Party in hall
7.30 -9.30 Ceilidh (compere Ian Blake),
with Alan Gay and the Tone Poets, Judith Taylor, John Mills, Rita Bradd on harp, Morelle Smith singing/guitar, Wullie Purcell  Kemal Houghton  and other contributions from John Coutts, Pauline Prior-Pitt and Colin Will. Hall to be clear by 10 pm after which there are a few favourite pubs (e.g. the Crags.)
enquiries to sally evans 35 at gmail dot com

Sunday 9th Sept

10 a.m., at the Friendship Garden, South Church Street
The End: a read-round of one poem each from the poets present.






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