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Double Bill Reading Dundee

The poetry show finally comes to Dundee!

Poetry, visuals and music inspired by popular culture – film, tv, music, radio, art and theatre. From Strictly Come Dancing to The Italian Job to Van Morrison and much more …take a look here for a flavour of the anthology https://doublebillblog.wordpress.com/

The event will take place in the Drama Studio in the Dalhousie Building at Dundee University on Monday 30th March, from 6-8pm. There is good parking available close by.

The event is free but we suggest a donation of £2-£3 to help cover the costs of poets’ travel expenses.

I’ll be in this, reading my poem about Nirvana, Be Bold, Be Bold, But Not Too Bold, and Helen Ivory’s Mice and Broken Sky, about Bagpuss. My family will recognise that Bagpuss was really not my favourite children’s programme (I hated those mice) but Helen’s poem is so beautiful I couldn’t resist.

If you’d like to hear a poem from the anthology, Cerys Matthews featured one by Irene Hossack on Fairy Liquid on Sunday. You can hear it here, about 1 hour 45 minutes into the programme.






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