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Double Bill – The Launch

Here is the running order for the event at the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, from 1-3pm on Saturday 4th October. As you can see, this cracking anthology covers the whole range of popular culture over the last sixty (at least) years, and has some of the best poets active at the present time – I can only say it’s an honour to appear among them all. You will almost certainly find the rest of them elsewhere between the covers, and may well be able to catch them later, at other readings and festivals across the UK. I missed being in the first anthology Split Screen, so did not fully appreciate all the work put in by the editor Andy Jackson, and Red Squirrel Press publisher, the dauntless Sheila Wakefield, but believe me it was nothing compared with this one. They have been fabulous and thanks are due to both from all of us! Please come and see us read on Saturday or look out for other events later, which I’ll post on my facebook page.

Andy Jackson Intro
Colin Will Selections from The Book Of Ways

Part 1

Tim Turnbull Strictly
Ryan Van Winkle Radio 2
Elizabeth Rimmer Nirvana
Bob Beagrie DC Comics
Joan Hewitt Woman’s Hour
Rob MacKenzie Factory Records
Janette Ayachi Amy Winehouse
Kathleen Kenny Elizabeth Taylor
Sally Evans Torvill & Dean
Carolyn Richardson The Hacienda


Nancy Somerville Fairy Liquid
Colin Will Domestos
Joan Hewitt Hamlet
Judy Taylor Go Compare
Sheila Templeton Guinness
Sally Evans PG Tips
Andrew J Wilson Ferrero Rocher

Part 2

Andrew J Wilson The Sex Pistols
Nancy Somerville Prince Buster
Tim Turnbull Gene Kelly
Colin Will The Goons
Sheila Templeton The Addams Family
Morgan Downie Top Gun
Nikki Robson Mary Whitehouse
Judy Taylor Lee Van Cleef
Agnes Marton Bjork
Brian Whittingham Jackie Wilson

Andy Jackson Wrap

Finish and National Anthem





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