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New Look to the Website

Two pieces of news:

The Territory of Rain is with the publisher, and should be out come September. And as my significant other is retiring next month I’ll have a roadie. So if anyone would be so kind as to book me for a reading opportunity after September, (I’m on the Literature Live database of the Scottish Book Trust, so there is financial help with the expenses), I’ll be able to come.

And as The Territory of Rain nears the end of its gestation, I thought it was time to give the website a fresh look, and to set a course for the new work opening out of the Half a Hundred Herbs project. There are fewer pages, but a clearer focus, and some different poems on the poetry page – have a look round, and I hope you enjoy what you see!

Special thanks are due to Naomi Rimmer who took precious time from her own forthcoming adventures to build this for me.





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