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This photo was taken at the all women poetry slam at the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh last week. The event was organised by Claire Askew, (who also compered, and did a fantastic job), and was tremendous fun, although I didn’t make it past the first round. I met up with old friends, made some new ones, and heard some very fine poetry. In the event, the slam was deservedly won by the witty and outspoken Rachel McCrum.

Life got a bit complicated after that. I had a day in bed ill, then went to Liverpool to visit my mother and seister and her family, then came home and went to Glasgow where all our children had gathered, and to the Sudden Fame event organised by the Federation of Writers (Scotland), at the Aye Write Festival in the Mitchell Library. This is a fabulous building with lots of rooms for events as well as good stocks of books, and the Herald Cafe. The event was smaller than last year, but if anything, the quality of the readings was higher, and I was thrilled to find out how Glasgow really identifies with Visit Scotland. So I plugged the upcoming Solidarity Gathering.

It will take place on Sunday, outside Dungavel, at one o’clock. For further information, please contact the secretary of Ayrshire Friends of Refugees at arthurwest7@hotmail.co.uk. It isn’t usually a long event – maybe half an hour or so. We sing, or recite poems or read out relevant bits of news, and present small gifts – biscuits or sweets or similar.






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  1. Floss Avatar

    It’s great to read about your doings! Elizabeth, I’m so cross with myself – I changed email addresses and lost your email about how I could buy Wherever We Live Now. Is there any chance you could email me again and I’ll act on the information this time, please!

  2. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Thanks, Floss! If you live abroad it is probably easier to order from the publisher at http://www.Redsquirrelpress.com, as they have paypal, so can handle euros. Or you can email me at burnedthumbat gmail.com, and I will send it, for £6.99 plus £2 postage.

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