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February in the garden

We had such nice weather last weekend. The crocuses seemed to appear from nowhere,

the snowdrops were in full flower, and all the birds seem to be manically nesting. The shyer ones who came in during the cold weather seem to have gone back to quiter country, but there are sparrows, dunnocks, all kinds of tits, robins and blackbirds setting up their territories.

And I am setting up mine.The early potatoes are in, seeds are happening,

and I’m planting soft fruit bushes, like the redcurrant above, and the gooseberry below.

At my desk, I’ve updated the burnedthumb web-site, and written a few wintry poems.
On Sunday I will be reading at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow -gorgeous sandstone building. You can find out about this event, organised by the Scottish Federation of Writers, here






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