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Since I got the new laptop, blogger has been behaving rather erratically. Some blogs I followed seemed to have stopped posting. Every so often I’d come across a post on networked blogs, and wondered why I hadn’t seen it. And then every so often fifty posts would come at once, with all the missing blogs catching up. Of course you can’t get the good of fifty post at once. Some of them are out of date, and some you skip or skim because there’s still thirty to go. So I’ve stopped following them via blogger, and subscribed to the RSS feed. This means I don’t show on your sidebars any more, but be assured I’m still reading all you walkers, artists, poets and gardeners. I hope it means I’ll see your stuff when you post it, and give it the time it deserves.






3 responses to “Following still”

  1. Pomona Avatar

    I think I have been having similar problems too – some blogs never seem to appear on my Blogger feed, yet I know that I have clicked to follow them! And I can’t comment on blogs that have embedded comment boxes. It’s all a bit of a pain!

    Pomona x

  2. Peter Greene Avatar

    My own Reader does the same sort of thing sometimes, and then spits up a bunch at once. I think mine may be a case of “too many feeds”.

  3. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Hmm! I did wonder if I had too many feeds!

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