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Happy Christmas

My family were big on the Be-good-or-Father-Christmas-won’t-come theme, at least in theory. And when I was four, nearly five and just about to start school, I wanted a doll for Christmas SO MUCH, but I’d been naughty, and got myself into bother. There was no chance. I hung up my stockings like my brothers (my sister wouldn’t be born for another six weeks) but I knew it wasn’t happening. No doll for me.

I was always the first to wake up in our house, and I was quite surprised to find a bundle of toys at the end of my bed. I imagined books and coloured pencils and small things like that. But there, to my complete amazement, on the top of the heap was not one, but TWO dolls, a girl and a boy.

I never forget that moment when resignation and disappointment turned to joy. I know that lots of people have had a rough year this year – illness, accidents, breakups, finanacial disasters, job disappointments, they’ve all happened to people I hold dear. And a lot of people aren’t expecting much out of next year either. But my Christmas wish is that it will deliver, not only what you were wanting, but TWICE as much as you could possibly hope for.

Pax et bene!






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