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Ivy on the Poetry Path at Corbenic

This has just gone up on the Corbenic Poetry Path near Dunkeld. It is in a beautiful spot, overlooking the River Braan.

sculpture in red sandstone, ivy shoots rising to engulf a wooden arch

It was inspired by my poem Ivy:

It is the vigour that amazes –
the lithe sprawl over the rockery,
the spring and spurt up telegraph poles.
Stems in pin feather up as fast
as April’s hatchlings, become a cloak
of pentacles, witchy jade-veined green
full of sparrow’s nests, barbed with feet
like caterpillar’s feet, dug right in.
Its extravagant adaptability
and hospitality to bees
make it seem domestic.
It is not. Its massed and twining weight
will bring down oaks, and institutions.

From Wherever We Live Now

Thank you, and many congratulations to the sculptors Adrienn Gorbe and Gheorgita Bori, and to Martin Reilly and founder of the Poetry Path Jon Plunkett. It looks absolutely wonderful, and I am very imatient to see it!





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