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may garden

Eighteen months ago our garden looked like this:

It went through a lot of changes and looked a bit bleak for a while

but now it looks like this:

It has a kitchen garden

easy access to the pond, without getting too muddy

the herb bed got a makeover so it gets more sun

and we have a screen to hide the compost bins for honeysuckle and sweet briar roses to climb. This year the bed is half-hardy annuals for late summer colour, but next year I am trying to think of bee-friendly perennial plants, possibly heathers.

I am really chuffed!






5 responses to “may garden”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Avatar

    it looks wonderful Elizabeth, specially the kitchen garden and the pond! All your hard work has really paid off!

  2. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Thanks Juliet – I’m certainly enjoying it, and it should be easier to maintain, too.

  3. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Thanks, Juliet! It has – now it’s just down to the weeding!

  4. Kestrel Avatar

    The garden is looking lovely!

  5. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    I must admit, I’ve very proud of it! Thanks Kerry!

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