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New Starts

It’s been a busy few weeks! First of all we had ten days without water as the pipes coming in to our house froze solid. Fortunately we have lovely neighbours who let us carry buckets of water and use their shower, but it was a great moment when the taps started trickling again! This covered all of Christmas, but we disn’t let it stop us enjoying the holiday, and for the first time our newest youngest child put the baby Jesus in the crib.

Now it’s back to ‘green time’ – hence the change in the background. Most of us are back to work (one, thankfully, after a long enforced break), and I have just begun drafting a full-length poem, though perversely, or perhaps wishfully it is set at Beltane. It’s a bit like patchwork as I’m putting together fragments and haikus that I wrote last summer so as to think about transitions and endings and new possibilities.

I’m also, as you can see from the sidebar, joining in the River of Stones project. It’s a great thing for making sure you record and think about your observations every day, and I hope the habit will last even when the project ends. And I’m just about to update the Burnedthumb site. I’m not going to change the look or the structure, though, as the original design came in for a lot of compliments. Watch this space!






3 responses to “New Starts”

  1. ruthie Avatar

    Elizabeth, i bet you are so glad that your water has returned! It has been a frosty winter hasn’t it.

    The River of Stones project sounds intriguing i shall have to discover more, writing is something should love to do more of.

    Wishing you a Happy New year, ruthie x

  2. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    It’s not too late to join in, Ruthie1 it’s good fun and good discipline too.

  3. ruthie Avatar

    I do love this idea, i already write daily (well often) with writing my 5 precious things a day, but i shold like to do it in a more creative way. I dont think i shall post them to my blog as i would like it be be more personal, thanks Elizabeth for pointing me in the direction!

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