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  • The Adventure in Progress

    wintertreelineFor the next four months or so, the territory of rain is going to look like this. There are still leaves clinging to very sheltered trees, but not so many now. Teal, merganser and goldeneye are back on the river, and the sparrows are very quick to notice when I fill up the bird feeder. I have winter pansies and some cyclamen in pots which are still in flower, but even the last brave marigold is gone from the garden.

    And that is the end of the herb posts for this year, because I foolishly forgot to take photographs. However, there are still fourteen posts outstanding and next year I aim to catch up with what I owe, as well as keeping a record of the herb-related activities I’m planning. There will be herb teas, seasonings, oils and vinegars, some basic remedies, candied angelica (which I’ve always wanted to try), some household cleaners, and perhaps some more adventurous experiments.

    Meanwhile here’s a list of what I’ve grown this year:

    • alecost
    • alkanet
    • angelica
    • avens
    • basil
    • bay
    • betony
    • borage
    • calamus
    • carnation
    • chamomile
    • chervil
    • chives
    • comfrey
    • cowslip
    • cyclamen
    • dandelion
    • english mace
    • fennel
    • feverfew
    • foxglove
    • gaultheria
    • heartease
    • hellebore   – mixed purple and white, christmas rose
    • honeysuckle
    • horehound
    • horsetail
    • houseleek
    • hyssop –  pink and blue
    • ivy
    • japonica
    • jasmine
    • ladys mantle
    • Lavenders – blue madrid, white madrid, lavender alba,  lavender arles , lavender avignon, lavender dentata, lavender rosea
    • lemon balm
    • lemon verbena
    • lily of the valley
    • marigold
    • marjoram
    • Mints – apple mint, eau de cologne mint, mount atlas mint, peppermint, spearmint
    • monarda  – fireball,  citriodora
    • mullein
    • myrtle
    • nasturtium
    • nettle
    • oregano
    • orris
    • parsley
    • pink
    • poppy
    • primrose
    • roman wormwood
    • roses – alba, gallica, sweetbriar, zephirine drouhin
    • rosemary
    • sages – green sage, purple sage
    • santolina
    • scented geraniums – apple, lemon, rose
    • sorrel
    • southernwood
    • st john’s wort
    • sweet cicely
    • sweet rocket
    • tansy
    • tarragon
    • thymes – common thyme, lemon thyme
    • violet
    • winter savory
    • woodruff
    • yarrow

    bigwillowMeanwhile, on the family front, phase one of our adventure is over. We have three new jobs and one new house. Another house move is under way and a new business venture is in preparation. A tricky shift in a health situation has gone well, and things all around are beginning to look up.

    Although I’ll be pretty busy between now and Christmas, (like everybody else!) I’m back to writing and planning for next year. I have been reading a lot of good new poetry over the summer, and I hope my next post will include some reviews and recommendations. It will be nice to feel like a poet again!


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