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  • National Poetry Day

    I’ve been keeping a ‘lookout journal’ for the last few months, so, for National Poetry Day, here’s a bit of it.

    hedges and roadsides hang
    swags of wild rose and honeysuckle
    knapweed and bedstraw

    boxes unpacked, all the books
    safe on new shelves

    the old family Bible
    faded leather, records kept
    since 1808

    Rimmer, Oldroyd, Milne
    handwriting hardly changed

    by Calder Water
    blackthorn, hemlock, meadowsweet
    sun, bees, meadow brown

    first garden berries
    burning scarlet under leaves

    covid and high pollen
    dizzy, shaking, coughing all day
    summer passing us by

    the latest dark
    a fox calls beyond the garden

    dog day’s sun, hot glare
    westerly breeze shakes the leaves
    brings no breath of cool

    rooflines of starlings
    night sulks, waiting for thunder

    rain, mud, cleavers seeds
    harvest of brambles ripe and heavy
    beyond my reach

    marigold hooks brown
    poppy heads swollen, seeds saved
    and sowed. Autumn

    the Queen is dead
    long queues to see change coming

    scent of vinegar
    jam cooling in the kitchen
    new season’s apples

    equinoctial gales,
    the house creaks and wavers

    the branches of a wild apple tree. Beyond, a hawthorn tree with berries and a birch

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