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these precious and beautiful things

I like this post a lot. Daniela says she doesn’t ‘do faith’, whereas anyone who has been around this blog for a while knows that I do. I try to keep theological content off the page, because unless you’re interested enough to follow the whole complicated thing, it’s just annoying.

But this is how faith works in my head. I’m really pleased to have discovered this blog.

All things being equal there will be a new post later today and I’ll update the links and the website, so there will be a permanent link to These Precious and Beautiful Things in the sidebar.






2 responses to “these precious and beautiful things”

  1. Daniela Avatar

    Hi Elizabeth,

    thank you for reading my blog! It sounds to me like there is an interesting conversation about faith to be had – hope we can have it in some form at some point! I will look around your blog too.

    Best wishes, Daniela

  2. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    I will look forward to the chance. I got to your blog via Dark Mountain, and really go for your take on life.

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