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Just a quick post in the middle of all the running around I’m doing.

Thanks to Kevin and Sheila of Red Squirrel Press, I now have copies of this book, and if anyone would like to buy one, I’ll be in a position to send them out when I get back from my next expedition.

On the afternoon of 30th September I’ll be reading at the Community Centre in Dalry. The event is due to start at 2:00.

I haven’t done an artist of the week this week or last, but check out Kirsty Mordaunt’s web-site – the link is in the sidebar to the right. She has a web comic building there, plus illustrations for a couple of my favourite fairy stories. When I come to earth again I will have a couple of new blogs to share, some artists and photographers I’ve come across during the summer. The internet is a truly wondrous place!






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