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One of these days I will have to review some of the new poetry that has fallen into my lap lately. I am a sucker for books with water in the title so I have Matthew Hollis’ Groundwater and Gillian Clarke’s A Recipe for Water, which have stunned and excited me.
Then there was Alan Jamieson’s video poems – beautiful combinations of text and sound and image which I’d love to find a way to share.
Then there will be the Atlantic Islands Festival on the island of Luing from 4th-11th July
which has been organised by Norman Bissell at the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics. I don’t know how he has managed to pack so much interesting stuff into one week, but it is truly impressive, and I am looking forward very much to taking part.





2 responses to “a world of poetry”

  1. Frances Avatar

    I am a succour for water things too. I’m thinking of doing my MA dissertation in poetry based around the theme of water. Hven’t started yet though – not sure where to!

  2. Elizabeth M Rimmer Avatar

    What a great subject – there is so much scope. I’m not surprised you don’t know where to start – I wouldn’t either.

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