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Bluebells at Inchmahome

looking across the Lake of Menteith to Inchmahome

We always try to go to Inchmahome in spring to see the bluebells. They can be up to three weeks behind us here at a much lower level, so it’s a guess when the best time is, but this year, I think we hit peak bluebell.

a clump of native bluebells, very dark blue

They are everywhere under the trees

a pool of bluebells

There has been a flood. The rising blue
fills the hollow space between the trees,
and washes over hillocks with a strange
still completeness, as if the sea had learned
to flow uphill.
(from my poem Inundation, in Wherever We Live Now )

I took the camera and tried a few experiments. It was a beautiful day, and we saw peacock and orange tip butterflies, swans and mallards, a great crested grebe (the first time for here), and best of all, the osprey.

an osprey circling

There were wrens, robins and a thrush singing, and we saw the first swallows as we came home. If you were to celebrate Beltane, that would have been the day to do it!





2 responses to “Bluebells at Inchmahome”

  1. Les Ironside Avatar

    Hi Elizabeth. Great photos, you are obviously making good use of the new camera. I like the way you have set the bluebells against a slightly out of focus background. It’s very effective.

    1. Elizabeth Avatar

      Hi Les! Thank you – praise from you is praise indeed! I’m still finding my way around all its complexities, but I’m finding it very rewarding!

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