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Stirling’s makar

Stirling installed its first Makar on Friday – Magi Gibson. She is a really good poet, and a great teacher and I think she will do a lot to encourage people to read and write poetry.
The ceremony took place in the stunningly beautiful Holy Rude Church in Stirling. Almost all the poets I could think of in Stirling were there, except Richie and Steph and Megan, plus councillors, library staff and the Literary Society. The turn out was really impressive, which I hope is a good sign.
Ruari Watson introduced Magi, and Magi read her poems – a wide variety of her work, some feminist and radical, some personal,some moving and vivid, some less so. Then some children from Bannockburn Primary read their poems – which were very much better than the average. I’d say that those two will be people to watch later on, except that at eight the most intelligent children write the best, and you can’t say which way their intelligence will take them.
And then there was tea and elegant little cakes, carrot cake and fruit slices and little tartlets the size of thimbles with three blueberries on. And I sloped off into the drizzle and went home.





2 responses to “Stirling’s makar”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Avatar

    good to see Stirling with a Makar too!

  2. Elizabeth M Rimmer Avatar

    Yes, and a good one, too. Things are already beginning to happen – although last night at our community council meeting someone said “The new cultural strategy wasn’t what we expected. It was just about the arts and that. Nothing interesting at all”

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