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The First Territory Walk of 2013

This mild weather has brought out the yellow flowers of winter. Who knew?

I started a spring cleaning in the herb patch and the greenhouse.

And I brought the tiniest possible sprig of wirchhazel into the house. It smells amazing – a cosmetic, slightly medicinal smell, incense and primroses and maybe soap.

I made the first territory walk of the year, just about dusk, and a skein of pink-footed geese was heading over the fields and down the Hillfoot Road towards Alloa. The Ochils looked serene and peaceful as the quiet night came in. I am hoping this will be the first of many walks this year, and lead to a lot more poems!

If you were thinking about entering the Red Squirrel Poetry Competition and didn’t get round to it, you now have another month to do it. The closing date has been extended to the 31st January. Good luck, everybody!






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