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The Territory of Rain

You can pretty much walk across the pond on the rafts of frogspawn there are floating in it. Rabbits are chasing each other like greyhounds around their warren site on the river bank. Geese are heading north and wrens are yelling from every treetop as if it was may. You’d think there was something going on.

Well there is. There are still a few ancillary tweaks and administrative bits and bobs to be added, but the manuscript of The Territory of Rain is finished, and almost ready to be submitted. Here is the introduction I’ve written to go on the cover:

Elizabeth Rimmer was born in Liverpool of Irish heritage and moved to Scotland in 1977, where she has grown herbs, brought up a family and studied for a MLitt on Medieval Romances. She has been active in eco-literary movements such as the Dark Mountain project and the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics, and her poetry has been widely published in magazines and on-line. Her first poetry collection Wherever We Live Now was published by Red Squirrel Press in 2011.
The Territory of Rain, set in the village in the Forth Valley where she has lived for the last thirty-two years, is her second collection, and deals with the different ways humans make their homes in a particular landscape – their observations and interactions with it, the structures they build or abandon within it, the myths they create about it, and the way they shape and are shaped by it through what happens to them there.

All being well, it should come out at the beginning of September.





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