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The Week of the Blue Moon

It’s been a quiet week here, as I get used to the routine of taking my grand-daughter to and from school, but there have been a few highlights! You can tell it’s autumn now the anemones are in flower.

When I first saw this from the bedroom window on Saturday morning, I wondered who had been throwing rubbish away! I couldn’t work out what had happened. These look like gull feathers, but for a hawk to have caught it just there would have been a very tricky stoop, even if the gull could have been enticed into the confined space of our garden. However, The Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs (which looks like an ex-library copy and is dated 1974), indicates that an owl may have been using our fence as a plucking post. the more ghoulish might be able to spot that there are bits of shredded gull there too!

But the big thing was the blue moon. It fell officially on Friday, but that night was cloudy and wet. Fortunately the senior partner had persuaded me to go for a walk on Thursday, which was rather wonderful – if cold. First, looking west, over the barley field>

Then eastwards. You’d never think Grangemouth and Longannet were over that way, would you?

This one, looking through the grass stems at the roadside, was a bit tricky!






2 responses to “The Week of the Blue Moon”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Avatar

    lovely photos of the moon. She was positively primrose yellow here the other night, gorgeous sight.

    That owl plucking perch is a thing to find, quite gruesome but how fascinating!

  2. Elizabeth Rimmer Avatar

    Thank you! I was a bit freaked out by the obvious carnage, but I love owls, and I’m always glad to find evidence that they are still here!

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